Mobile Broadband Internet gives you full Internet access and email on the move. You can surf any web site, download information, send and receive Email, access online Multimedia content and Social Network with friends online. You can do all this wherever you are e.g In office, at home, in the village, in the city, between meetings, at the airport. Basically you can use the service anywhere.


  • You can only pay for the amount of data volumes you would like to use for a specific period of time either on your phone or dongle.
  • You can have access to Instant Messaging applications (Yahoo Messenger, Windows live, Google talk and Skype)
  • Web browse on your laptop or computer using any of our modems or your phone handset.
  • Access rich multimedia content like ringtones, wallpapers and themes from the airtel Live Portal
  • Access your personal Email (Yahoo, Hotmail, and Gmail) or work email (Microsoft Outlook) if you have an Internet-based means of accessing your company email server, such as POP3 or IMAP4. You will need to discuss this with your IT manager.

Getting connected using your Phone

  • You need an internet enabled phone. Check that your phone is mobile internet enabled and it can use any of the following technologies 3G, EDGE or GPRS. You can refer to your phone user manual for this information. Once you insert your active airtel SIM into your internet enabled phone, you will automatically receive the internet settings by SMS which you have to accept.
  • If your phone has not received airtel Internet settings automatically, please type the word ALL and send to 175 and you will get settings to your phone by SMS. Remember to accept the settings on receipt.
  • If your phone is still not able to receive these settings, please visit your nearest airtel shop or call customer care on 1100 for further assistance.
  • Once you have successfully received the settings, you can access the service using airtel’s default Pay As You Go Package or dial *175# to access a variety of the subscriptions packages. Refer to the section Internet Offers for further information on the Mobile Internet packages on offer

Getting connected using your Modem / Dongle

  • You may use an airtel modem to connect to the internet with your computer or laptop. Each airtel Modem sold comes with a SIM card and all internet settings to enable you access the data service.
  • All you need is to install the airtel dongle application on your computer or laptop, activate the SIM card and start using the internet service
  • You can also subscribe with your modem dongle to airtel internet services by dialing *175#. Refer to the section Internet Offers for further information on the Mobile Internet packages on offer